Community Sustainability

Community Sustainability

A Quality of Life

The Pearlstone Center’s new Community Sustainability Department is the Baltimore Jewish community’s pursuit of the Jewish value of preserving the earth’s resources for future generations, thereby enhancing community vibrancy and our quality of life.
Our mission is to foster a more sustainable future by reducing our environmental impact and by increasing environmental-behaviors in the operations of Pearlstone, The Associated, its agencies and Jewish Baltimore.

Green Loan Fund

The Associated secured a stipend from the Marty and Dorothy Silverman Foundation to launch The Green Loan Fund in 2010. The fund provides a $300,000 line of credit, of which a portion can be borrowed by any Jewish organization to carry out a greening project at its facility. Projects are generally restricted to lighting projects, though organizations can discuss other options. The money is for a loan, it’s interest free, and organizations are required to pay it back within three years. The projects generally pay for themselves in less than that time and the greening results in substantial money savings.

If you’re interested in improving the energy efficiency of your congregation or school and want to learn more about the Green Loan Fund, contact

Planning a celebration? Wedding? Bar/Bat mitzvah?

Throughout Jewish Baltimore, dozens of organizations have come together to create the local version of what has been coined in other communities as “a little book with a big mission.” The Baltimore Green & Just Celebrations Guide helps families in our area celebrate weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and other simchas in ways that reflect Jewish values about environmental stewardship and social justice.

Through the print and online versions of the Guide, you learn how to:
· Make purchasing choices in ways that are mindful of social and environmental impact
· Delve into Jewish teachings about justice and sustainability
· Read the stories of others who have made creative green and just choices for their own celebrations



Maryland Green Center

Pearlstone is being certified as a Maryland Green Center through Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE).  If you would like to have your school certified as a Maryland Green School, contact Miriam Glaser at Pearlstone at or go to


New Wildlife Habitat

The National Wildlife Federation® (NWF) recognizes Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown, MD as an official Certified Wildlife Habitat™site. NWF celebrates the efforts of Pearlstone to create a garden space that improves habitat for birds, butterflies, frogs and other wildlife by providing essential elements needed by all wildlife – natural food sources, clean water, cover and places to raise young.

“Providing a home for wildlife in our communities – whether it’s at home, or in schools businesses or parks – is the demonstration of a healthy and active eco-system. There is no more rewarding way to stay connected to nature right outside your door,” said David Mizejewski, naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation.

NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program has been helping people take personal action on behalf of wildlife for more than 40 years. The program engages homeowners, businesses, schools, churches, parks and other institutions that want to make their communities wildlife friendly.

This new certified habitat joins NWF’s roll of more than 150,000 certified habitats nationwide. Wildlife habitats are important to year-round wildlife residents as well as species that migrate, such as some birds and butterflies. Each habitat is unique for both beauty and function.

For more information on gardening for wildlife and details on how an entire community can become certified, visit The mission of the National Wildlife Federation is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.


Maryland Green Registry

Pearlstone Center is listed under the Maryland Green Registry as an organization that promotes green practices and is working towards a sustainable workplace.