With indoor and outdoor work, our volunteer opportunities are diverse and there’s something for everyone! Email volunteers@pearlstonecenter.org to join our Listserve

What Volunteers Do:

We promote the three R’s: Re-skill, Re-engage and Re-turn to the land. Volunteers care for our animals, weed, harvest, or take on other skilled projects.Farmer volunteers and groups can also join us for special building, farm or trail maintenance projects, or help with events and in the office!

What to wear/bring:

An eager attitude! Dress for the weather: rain or shine, cold or heat. Long pants, t-shirts or lightweight long-sleeve cotton button ups to cover your arms/shoulders in summer. Sun protection (hat, sunscreen). Rain pants are best for rainy days of farm work. Re-usable water bottle. Closed-toed shoes: Boots preferred.

What our volunteers are saying:

“It might be a little cliche, but for the first time I actualized the idea of farm to table in the context of my life. My most enjoyable days at the farm were the Thursdays that I began by harvesting vegetables from the ground and ended by handing off those vegetables to families who were going to take them home for dinner. Having the opportunity to be a part of the full process was really meaningful to me and proved to me through experience why what I want to do is so important.” – Dana Robinson, summer 2012