Who Volunteers?

Who Volunteers?

Who Volunteers?

 build with mud! build with mud!

Who Volunteers?

I’m a high school student:  Volunteer after school or in the summer, or as an Animal Care Volunteer in the winter. In 2012 students worked on animal care, photo projects, and painting our calendar garden.

It changed me to look at the food that I get in the grocery store in a different way. Now I look at it and think, what kind of farm did it come from?” –Mollye Lipton, Shoshana S. Cardin High School intern ‘10 

I’m a college student or young adult: Get engaged in sustainable agriculture and community: Bring yourself or your student group to volunteer for the farm on weekdays. Become an Animal care volunteer . Ask us about live-in volunteer/WWOOF opportunities.

 My experience at Pearlstone Retreat Center exceeded my expectations. Entering the internship I expected to gain hands-on experience in horticultural practices. Through my experience however, I also was exposed to animal care, post-harvest practices, and CSA management. I was able to learn far more than I had anticipated and feel incorporated into the community that has been built at Pearlstone Retreat Center.” – Dana Robinson, Penn State ‘13

My experience with the Farm has been empowering. As I learn with a Jewish prospective how to cultivate G-d’s land, I discover that I myself, am growing as well.” – Ellie Brown, Goucher College ’12 and now employed with  Jewish Farm School

I’m a professional or retired: Busy but want to get engaged? Retired and want to stay active? Become a winter animal care volunteer for some hands on work in the winter months, or consider how you might contribute professional skills to our non-profit through committee work, management skills, or professional labor. Past skilled volunteers have consulted to help build our green house, planned fundraisers, created sculptural art, done videography work, led workshops and more! People of all ages excited to do hard, outdoor work are welcome as farm volunteers.

The mission to farm in an ecological and sustainable manner harmonizes with my core beliefs. The flexibility given towards how I allocate my time at the farm allows the experience to be the respite from my busy schedule I hoped it would. I am delighted I am becoming rooted at Pearlstone Retreat Center.” -Tres, Bank of America

It’s like working out, except useful.” –James, Genetic Alliance

I’m a family/B’nei Mitzvah: If you live nearby, become Animal Care volunteers: Families with responsible children ages 10+ may volunteer with our animal care program. 

I’m a group: We invite all types of groups to come out and volunteer. On all other days:

Groups ages 17+: Are you a corporate volunteer group? College service group? Groups such as yours have helped the farm grow and thrive by pitching in on projects where we need many strong hands to accomplish a goal from digging our farm beds in the spring to tree planting! Contact us at volunteers@pearlstonecenter.org to plan your 3-hour or more service session!

Groups with children or students ages 16 or below who would like to experience working on and learning about the farm, must sign up for a service-learning program. Service-learning programs include connections between our work, ourselves and our environment and may include a Jewish or faith-based theme as well for interested groups. The cost for service learning program is $100 for 2 to 3 hours of work and learning. Groups interested in coming for less than 2 hours should find out more about our Educational Programs!

We continue to return to the Pearlstone Retreat Center every year for a Farm community building day in the fall and continue to be impressed by the service, the warmth, and the ability of the location to meet our program goals. We have program participants every year who tell us they have never been to a Farm before- never picked crops, never seen a goat- so the opportunity to leave bustling Baltimore City for the beautiful nature at Pearlstone Retreat Center truly allows us to reflect and renew as a community.” – Laura Bumiller, Director Public Allies Maryland