Goals of the Program

Pearlstone Retreat Center’s Apprenticeship Program

Pearlstone Retreat Center’s Apprenticeship Program

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Who We Are: Pearlstone Retreat Center ignites Jewish passion.  Our retreat center, farm, and programs enable and inspire vibrant Jewish life.  Engaging Jewish, faith-based, and non-sectarian organizations, individuals, and families, Pearlstone serves all ages and backgrounds throughout Baltimore, the Chesapeake region, and beyond.

Who You Are:  Enthusiastic, hard-working, open-minded individual willing to live in a Jewish, pluralistic community and work on our farm, retreat, and programming.  No prior farming or teaching experience is necessary—just a commitment to learning new skills, open communication, and collaborative teamwork.      


Our Apprenticeship Goals:

1) Provide a comprehensive introduction to vegetable farming, animal husbandry, and perennial and orchard management, predominantly through hands-on work, supplemented by formal educational sessions.

2) Cultivate a pluralistic, Jewish, communal, living experience, which promotes individual growth, healthy group dynamics, and alternative community models.

3) Create a deep, embodied connection to Jewish wisdom broadly and Jewish environmental values in particular through formal and informal educational opportunities and communal celebration of Jewish rituals and holidays.

4) Integrate the apprenticeship throughout Pearlstone, providing apprentices with skill-building opportunities in maintenance, facilities, kitchen, and hospitality while also significantly impacting/benefiting our organizational culture.