05 Jun 2013

CSA Week 3

We are right on the cusp of

05 Jun 2013

We are right on the cusp of the summer season.  All of our summer crops are in the ground, about to start pumping out fruits, but we get to enjoy delicious fresh greens for another couple of weeks.  For more greens recipes, click here or here.

This week, in addition to some surprises, you’ll find some garlic scapes in your box.  Those are the green curly things that smell like garlic.  They are the shoot that the garlic plant sends up to make a flower, and that we pull out so that the plant focuses on it’s root bulb to make the garlic bulb even tastier and bigger.  Here are some more ideas of things to do with them.

Don’t miss out on our open farm day this Sunday from 1:30 to 6pm!  There will be some hands-on farm work, a pickling workshop, pick your own strawberries and peas, and an open mic.


Farm Apprentice Sonia prowling in the pea patch.


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