16 Jun 2013

CSA Week 4

Summer is coming Cucumbers are in!  We

16 Jun 2013

Summer is coming


Cucumbers are in!  We began harvesting the cucumbers from our high tunnel, and it won’t be long until we start to see them outside.  While walking around the farm today, I spotted baby squash, tomatoes, and peppers, waiting patiently until they are big enough to be picked.

Our final mama goat, Hannah, gave birth to a boy and a girl this past Sunday, ending our spring kidding season, and giving us one more clue that summeris here.


Another big sign of summer is the presence of pests on our farm.  Little critters like the potato beetle, cucumber beetle, squash bug, flea beetle, aphids, and other littler buggers.  We keep them from munching down our whole farm by hand picking them off our plants and feeding them to the chickens, and various organic pest control methods. Our apprentices are brushing up on how to identify these pests and prevent them.


This Thursday, on our harvest day, we were hit with a brief but intense storm.  We rushed all the apprentices and volunteers inside to safety, while trying to rescue as many of the already-harvested crops as possible (believe me, that kale almost didn’t make it).  We managed to bring some of our harvest inside though, here are some damp apprentices, volunteers, and Pearlstone staff members cutting and bagging the sunflower shoots while we waited out the storm in the Pearlstone basement.

We had the idea to have sprouts as a part of our shares over the winter, when we were worried about crop failure, cold snaps, people being sick of greens, etc.  We thought it would be a nice way to spruce up the shares, so I started doing research about sprouts and doing test baches in the greenhouse as well as our kitchen, and discovered the sunflower sprout.  I found them so deliciously refreshing, especially in the middle of February when there was very little green to be found.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do in salads, or eaten like a bag of chips.


This weeks’s share included:

(click the vegetable for recipes!)

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