24 Dec 2012

Exciting new Green Building Project!

What’s New? Aitan Mizrachi, a recent graduate

24 Dec 2012

What’s New?

Aitan Mizrachi, a recent graduate of a Green Building Master’s
program, is leading a green building project. He will be building
housing for our 8 farmer-educator apprentices where in the past we had
platform tents. The construction will be a mix of more traditional wood
building, along with using natural building materials such as our local
clay for insulation and other parts of the project.

Our Women’s Orchard volunteer group will be regrouping January for an exciting 2013!
The orchard moon group is a monthly women’s community group that is the first of its kind. While women’s Rosh Chodesh gatherings are well established in our tradition, this group blends Jewish spiritual learning with ecological and natural health study and hands on engagement. Our first meeting will be a brainstorming of wonderful workshops, plans and designs that we would like to see come into fruition this year.

What’s Needed?

Interns and volunteers wanted! 
Green energy interns can choose to focus on our  green building project
or on other areas of sustainable agriculture and sustainable design that
might serve our mission e.g. our outdoor educational kitchen, our
compost system and various other energy efficient projects that could
lend themselves to research and project fulfillment.

We will be needing volunteers to help with good old fashioned building!
The more hands-on help, the merrier. Volunteers can learn all about green
building techniques while working in a fun team environment. Click here to learn more about volunteering
Animal chore volunteers still needed: Feed the animals, brush the
goats, collect eggs and put everyone to bed at night. Animal volunteers
can come mornings from 8am or afternoons from 2.30-5 (or 2 hours before

General farm volunteers are invited to help us with some Winter landscaping before the Spring greens set in!

Click here for the Volunteer Application

Something Special…

We want to thank our Star volunteers of the Month: Zak Marion and Emma Williams!

Zak and Emma have been amazing and we want to take the time to recognize their hard work! Emma owns her own farm and shared her compost expertise with us. She helped direct and transform our compost into an upgraded system.
Zak has been working daily on many projects including compost, animal and green house chores, farm landscaping and maintenance, graphic design and construction etc.

Thank you all for your helping hands and your green thumbs!

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