10 Nov 2012

Handling Hurricane Sandy

We had a silent meditation group here

10 Nov 2012

We had a silent meditation group here when Hurricane Sandy swept thru and took out our electricity for 3 days while we had 70 guests in house. Here are some of the comments from our attendees.

“Dear Pearlstone staff..My heart is full of gratitude for all of you during the “challenging conditions” I felt so well tended, hot meals, warm meditation hall, hot water and especially  I thank you for respect and grace while we held our silence. Thank you for your generous spirits as we all made our way in “the dark”  Deep bow to you” -Beth

“The staff have been truly amazing. Their generosity and grace  in adversity allowed us to continue to deepen our practices and for this i am truly grateful. You were and are kind, generous souls–with deep appreciation”  -Janet

“As a member of the Baltimore Jewish community, I can’t say enough about how proud and impressed I am with Pearlstone. It’s a beautiful resource and a welcoming place with a wonderful staff. A treasure for our ecological region and for our community. Thanks” -Shelly

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