Our Land

Our Land

The Pearlstone Retreat Center grounds function as

The Pearlstone Retreat Center grounds function as an educational farm featuring a diverse array of both annual and perennial crops as well as an animal pasture. The farm includes gardens and cultivated plots all around the retreat center and  includes the Rose Winder Greenhouse as well as a new USDA funded high tunnel.

Annual crops are grown on just under two acres using sustainable methods with an emphasis on building healthy, fertile soils, crop rotation, composting and diversity. The farm is not yet certified Organic although all production methods are.

Perennial crops include divers fruit orchards, brambles, perennial herbs, asparagus and gourmet mushrooms on just over two acres of land. The animal pasture is composed of one acre in pasture and forage hosting 7 dairy goats and almost 100 laying hens.

For more information about the farm contact our Farm Director:

Greg Strella at gstrella@pearlstonecenter.org or 410. 500-5382