Our Animal Pasture

The Pearlstone Pasture features a small herd


The Pearlstone Pasture features a small herd of dairy goats in both dwarf and full size and a 100-bird flock of heritage breed laying hens. Our guests and visitors engage with the pasture through educational programs that span the range from petting chickens and milking goats to learning about biblical edicts around animal welfare. Our goats and chickens rotate around the pasture allowing for fresh forage and helping to spread the benefit of their manure over the land.

The mission of the animal program is to inspire and educate participants in ethical, sustainable animal production, while exploring animal husbandry and stewardship of land through a focus on sustainability rooted in Torah.

We also strive to manage the pasture effectively to create healthy soil that can provide ample pasture for grazing animals.

Due to safety issues and the welfare of the animals we ask that visitors don’t enter our pasture without Pearlstone center staff.

Contact Farm Director Greg Strella at gstrella@pearlstonecenter.org or 410. 500-5382 for more information about the farm.