19 Nov 2012

Pearlstone Center: The Perfect Retreat

Pearlstone is blessed every year with the

19 Nov 2012

Pearlstone is blessed every year with the opportunity to host over 10,000 guests from all walks of life.  From youth groups to teen programs to families and adults, groups of all ages and backgrounds come to meet at Pearlstone.  This past summer alone, we hosted over 58 retreat groups, all exciting and diverse in their own ways.

We especially want to highlight two special events from the summer: First the Yungtruf, or Yiddish Vokh, is an amazing weeklong Yiddish immersion camp for fluent yiddishists, featuring arts and crafts, literature and film, swimming, games, cooking classes, and more.  We love Yiddish Vokh and we look forward to hosting them for years to come!

Second, it seems that each year we are given the honor of hosting a momentous Simcha at Pearlstone, and this year this moment came in August with the wedding of Casey Yurow and Rivka Sack.  Their ceremony and celebration infused our entire facility with new meaning and excitement.  Thank you Casey, Rivka, and their families for choosing Pearlstone for this unforgettable Simcha!


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