11 Jan 2013

Pearlstone Peacocks!

On Thursday our two new peafowl got

11 Jan 2013


On Thursday our two new peafowl got their first taste of freedom…which was a bit nerve-wracking for their caretakers! Ben Taylor, our new animal manager, and Mimi Azrael, animal chair, clipped the peacocks wing feathers to prevent them flying off, and together we opened the door to the coop they have been living in for the past few months. The┬ábrilliant, graceful birds hesitantly poked their heads out the open door and then set out to explore their expanded universe. Within a few moments it was clear the wing clipped was not entirely successful as the peacock was soon sitting on top of the chicken coop! Eventually Mimi and Ben caught the birds in a heroic herding effort and returned them to┬átheir coop for the night. One day we hope the peafowl will range freely in the animal pasture during the days without straying too far!

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