Over the past decade, Pearlstone has been refining its distinctive ten-day, nine-night Passover vacation experience. This Torah observant atmosphere allows participants of all ages, across a diverse cross-section of people and perspectives, to feel comfortable, cared for, and entertained–without having to do any of the cooking, cleaning, or preparations that can make Passover overwhelming.



The offering of both private and communal seder options sets the tone for a perfect holiday experience. Couples and small families can choose to be a part of our smooth moving communal seder or to have a private seder in the Dining Room. Tables are set apart enough for sufficient privacy and personal enjoyment. Larger groups may opt for private seders in a separate meeting room. All guests enjoy a gourmet dinner in the Dining Room then return to their seder tables to finish up.



Programming excites all from the youngest guests to our most senior and venerable participants through an inviting selection of lectures, day camp for kids, fun social activities for teens and adults, game tournaments, on-site entertainment and Chol HaMoed day trips, yoga, spa treatments, and of course a variety of nature exploration presentations and workshops that Pearlstone Center is famous for. Check out our Schedule of Activities HERE.



We are excited to welcome back our wonderful Scholars in Residence, Rabbi Ysoscher Katz and Dr. Sharon Flatto, and our Chazzan Cantor Yehoshua Redfern. Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, the Rav Hamachshir from the Star-K, will once again be at the helm of our kashrus supervision. We also welcome Pearlstone’s new Executive Chef, Keith Molesworth, who will ensure all meals are plentiful and delicious. Lastly, Laura Leventhal, our Pesach Program Coordinator, will again be leading our Pesach staff with her diligent and compassionate expertise. Together, we look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you have.



Pearlstone offers three options for lodging accommodations. Our overly spacious hotel-style “Lodge” rooms include 2 queen beds and an en suite. We also have 3-bedroom cabins and our “Family & Teen Center” which offers comfortable dormitory style rooming. The cabins and F&TC pricing is approximately 10% lower than the standard “Lodge” rooms. Click HERE for more details and pricing.



Pearlstone Center was established by The Associated as a vehicle to strengthen Jewish identity and continuity and as a venue in which to celebrate Jewish family life. This holiday exemplifies our mission, and you, our guest families, are helping us fulfill it. Our attentive staff looks forward to welcoming you!

For more information or to make your reservations:

Laura Leventhal