Jewish Community Gardening

Jewish Community Gardening

Creating Local Community Gardens

What is the Jewish Community Gardening Collective?

The Jewish Community Gardening Collective (JCGC) is a project of the Farm at Pearlstone, aimed at bringing together and facilitating the creation of Jewish community gardens around Baltimore.  The JCGC is made up of a diverse cohort of ten local Jewish institutions, including synagogues, religious schools, day schools, Hillels, early childhood centers, and senior centers.  Each institution, led by “garden captains,” work with the Farm to create a community garden that engages, empowers, and educates their community.  The Farm supports these gardens and creates a collective through seasonal trainings, featuring curricula in Jewish garden education, basic garden training, and more. Participation in the JCGC includes a $300 subsidy to help get your garden started.  Throughout the year, the Farm staff will collaborate with garden captains, working alongside them to ensure the success of their garden.

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