Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education

The Farm’s multicultural education component cultivates

The Farm’s multicultural education component cultivates a community of cultural tolerance and religious appreciation. Our programs recognize sustainable agricultural education as rich with unifying potential. The interfaith farm school is currently in its third year and continues to flourish. We have also introduced Rainbow Day celebrations into our calendar and have future aspirations of adult and teenage multicultural eco-educational opportunities.

The Interfaith Farm School
The Farm’s Interfaith Farm School programs celebrate diversity of plants and people by engaging a group of children and parents from various cultural-religious heritages. Together we grow our food and our knowledge of faith based environmental traditions; learning about earth, ecology and the beauty of both our natural and human communities.

Rainbow Day on the Farm
Rainbow Day is a time to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth, and to remember our role in God’s covenant. Appearing in the story of Noah, the motif reflects God’s covenant with the Earth, with all living things and our responsibility to that covenant. It is a chance to reflect on the deep spiritual and religious meaning of diversity, creation, and our role as partners with G-d.
As part of our interfaith initiative, we have created a children’s rainbow garden. The rainbow motif celebrates the program’s multicultural focus. 7 beds represent our diverse racial and cultural spectrum as well as the 7 Noachide laws; Judaism’s interpretation for a universal foundation of morality.

Baltimore Homeschool Community Center Farm School

We’re delighted to partner with the Baltimore Homeschool Community Center for our Fall Farm School.  Contact the Center to register for the 6 Fall sessions or to learn more about our joint programming.  Spring and Summer sessions will be offered if we meet our registration minimums.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children on our farm, learning from the land!