JICC Conference

JICC Conference

Cultivating Jewish Intentional Communities



How do your experiences, plans, and dreams fit into the world of Jewish intentional community?

This year’s conference theme is: From an Experience in Life to a Life Experience.

We begin the conference by exploring the growing enthusiasm in the Jewish world about formative “experiences in life” such as temporary intentional communities – fellowships, gap-year programs, and residential activist immersions. We will then explore how the lessons we are learning from these temporary communities can lead to long-term “life experiences.”

This conference is a partnership between Pearlstone Center and Hazon. We share a vision that over the next 3-10 years, new Jewish intentional communities will bloom across the country – from urban kibbutzim to rural moshavim, suburban co-ops, and more – and that these dynamic and vibrant new Jewish communities will become inspiring catalysts in an ongoing renaissance in American Jewish life.

For more info : http://hazon.org/calendar/jewish-intentional-communities-conference/

For More info Contact: program@pearlstonecenter.org