JOFEE Network Gathering

JOFEE Network Gathering

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Sep 14, 2017 – Sep 17, 2017

Pearlstone Center, Reisterstown, MD

Share, Learn, Celebrate! With something for everyone, we hope to see you there!

The most powerful moment for me was sitting around the fire with everyone on the last night, singing songs together. After being a part of so many sessions that brought Judaism to life in a way I had not experienced before and feeling so connected to all others at the conference, it was at the fire that I had this a-ha moment — that this is the field where I belong and will continue on in life.
—Lizzy, St. Louis, MO


The JOFEE Network Gathering is the annual gathering place for thought leaders, enthusiasts, and program professionals throughout the Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming and Environmental Education world. With some of the best Jewish outdoor educators from around the world leading workshops, hands on learning sessions, panel discussions, and keynote addresses, participants will take away new experiential education tools and resources and build new relationships with like-minded Jewish professionals across the country. Whether you have been a JOFEE-nik from the beginning or are newly interested in bringing JOFEE programming back to your community, the JOFEE Network Gathering is the place to be.

Join us for the opportunity to showcase new initiatives, share best practices, learn from veteran JOFEE professionals, spur collaboration, and strengthen our connections to Jewish tradition through the outdoors, food, farming, and the environment. Explore new opportunities for networking, coalition-building, and hands-on activities to engage youth, young adults, families, and more with meaningful Jewish experiences.

All who are involved, interested, and/or invested in the JOFEE space are invited to attend.

During the gathering, attendees will:

  • Learn about and engage in innovative JOFEE programming to bring back to their Jewish community or institution
  • Meet outstanding seasoned and formative leaders in the JOFEE field as well as JOFEE Fellows and other early-career professionals and educators
  • Develop and strengthen their network of educators and professionals for resource sharing and collaboration

Educators include*:

  • Jakir Manela, Pearlstone Center
  • Adam Berman, Urban Adamah
  • Michal Wetzler, Pearlstone Center
  • Hody Nemes, Hazon
  • Michael Fraade, Louisville JCC
  • Elan Margulies, Teva
  • Sara Shalva, Pearlstone Center
  • Zelig Golden, Wilderness Torah
  • Cara Silverberg
  • Becca Weaver, Boulder JCC
  • Shamu Sedah, Adamah
  • Abrah Dresdale
  • Yoshi Silverstein, Hazon
  • Rabbi Psachyah Lichtenstein, Pearlstone Center
  • Rachel Asarnow
  • Joanna Perlin
  • Leib Kaminsky, Greening and Advocacy Consultant
  • Mira Menyuk, Pearlstone Center
  • Joe Murray, Pearlstone Center
  • Paul Entis
  • Rabbi Jessy Gross
  • Yoni Stadlin

*Our educator list continues to grow! Check back often for updates …