24 Jul 2013

Week 9

Welcome to the Jewish month of Av.

24 Jul 2013

Welcome to the Jewish month of Av. The dog days of summer. With temperatures in the 90’s, and high humidity- working on the farm is really, really hard. Tempers flare, heat stroke happens, dynamics are challenging and the intensity of living and working together is accentuated. Meanwhile- our plants are entering their peak of production. If we don’t harvest squash, cukes and tomatoes daily they swell to humorous if inedible proportions. And in proportion to the challenges, the rewards of the growing season are fuller present. The tomatoes are luscious sliced with olive oil and feta. The cukes are crisp and sweet. Deep fried okra, fresh sour pickles and succulent onions are a daily experience. Maybe my favorite flavor of the week is the basil. Whether chopped fresh on salad, sautéed with summer squash and garlic, or cooked in a creamy tomato soup- basil adds richness and flavor to just about anything. Here we grow a variety of types of basil so experiment with the different varieties you receive and explore the nuances of flavor.

Meanwhile- enjoy the abundance and stay cool-


Can you find Sonia?

Can you find Sonia?

Farmer Josh


Josh’s favorite authentic Mediterranean Salad

-Cut ripe tomatoes into wedges

-Cut fresh cukes into thick slices (if they are American style cykes- peel them, if Israeli leave the peel on)

-Sliver some fresh onion

-Mince some fresh Basil

-Break up good feta cheese into chunks (my favorite is the Israeli one they sell at Trader Joes)

Arrange on a plate – first maters and cukes, then onion, then feta, then minced basil.

Then drizzle with the best olive oil you have in the house.



Week 9’s bounty included:

  • 1 quart mixed tomatoes
  • 4 nice large cukes
  • 4 summer squash different colors
  • 2 nice sized onions
  • 3 sweet peppers
  • One bag salad mix OR bunch chard
  • Bunch baby carrots or bunch Chioggia beets
  • Quart okra, quart beens or large eggplant
  • Bunch thai basil
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